NOTE: Images are representative and may vary from the actual unit received depending on the model ordered.

NOTE: Images are representative and may vary from the actual unit received depending on the model ordered.

Atlas Copco set the standard for performance and reliability in the compressed air industry. The AR packaged series of intermittent, two-stage piston compressors are no exception, with the capacity to meet the high demands of workshops and light industrial applications. The AR range brings out the best in quality, efficiency and reliability in an affordable piston compressor. We back this up with our standard 2 year bumper-to-bumper warranty on all assembled models. Whether you choose a vertical or a horizontal model, you get a compressor with exceptional reliability and minimum maintenance for a wealth of professional applications. The Atlas Copco AR-10-120V-460-3-PKG air compressor features a completely cast iron design that delivers 10 horsepower of compressed air capacity.

Features & benefits:

- Low Maintenance

- No need for a daily manual drain of your tank

- Extra Protection

- Ensures oil level is above the minimum level before operation

- High Quality Compressed Air

- 5 hp and 7.5 hp units have a triple pass aftercooler and 10 HP units have a belt guard mounted aftercooler for effective moisture removal

- Highly efficient and easily accessible air filters for “clean” operation and a longer lifetime

- Two stage, slow speed compressor pump unit with finned cylinder and built in aftercooler for cooler running, high efficiency and extended reliability

- Single and three phase motors to suit every supply voltage

- Standard capacitor start on single phase models and magnetic starters on every 3 phase model ensuring the motor is adequately protected and starting is easy

- 120 Gallon ASME approved tank

- Start-stop pressure switch control

- Standard two year bumper-to-bumper warranty


Two Stage Electrical Vertical Tank Mounted 10 HP, 120Gal, 175 PSI Piston Air Compressor 460-3-PKG

120 Gallon 10 HP 175 PSI Piston Air Compressor

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HP:  10
CFM:  32
Operating PSI:  175
Type:  Piston Air Compressors